SOPHIA (Dark industriel neo-classique - Suède) + ENDLESS ASYLUM


Sophia - 09.10.10 Yverdon

Présentation par l'organisateur Sonorités Obscures:


SOPHIA ( Sweden ) Neoclassical / Martial / Industrial

Sophia is the side project of Peter Bjärgö (aka Peter Petterson), born of the need to explore some music paths that are hardly found in Arcana. Sophia has a more harsh sound than Arcana, with more rhythm, more percussion.
Sophia can be described as bombastic and martial music, rhythmed by heavy drum and sublimated by dark and powerful symphonic arrangements. The compositions bring an apocalyptic, coherent and energetic atmosphere that combines strength and beautiful moments.

Sophia has been a sleep since 2004. After 4 fullength albums and a few singles Peter decided that Sophia would be no longer. Although this sleep was supposed to be eternal, this didn't seem to be the case. In September 2010, plans are to release all previous albums in a nice layout on the label Cyclic Law. The concert in Switzerland will be the second of this rebirth, a dark, majestic and authentic concert, not to be missed!


PHRAGMENTS ( Slovakia ) Orchestral Industrial
Phragments is a duo from Bratislava , Slovakia . The duo consists of Matej, responsible for the music and Sonic(k), who is responsible for the videos. They started around 2002 and have released 5 CDs so far, 1 EP, 2 live albums and 2 full-length albums. There music can be described as a mix of power dark orchestral music with industrial machinery. Listeners have labelled it as industrial, martial industrial, dark ambient. They prefer to call it orchestral industrial.



ENDLESS ASYLUM ( Spain ) Schizophrenic obscure ambient


The beginnings of project Endless Asylum, date back to year 2008, when the Dr. Sathorys E. (Der Blaue Reiter, Narsilion, Lugburz, Edram) starts a new musical chapter, inspired in the obscure side of the human mind, his passion for psychology and the lost world of the abandoned places.
In 2009, Sathorys E. records his first four songs inspired by his photography project about urban ruins "Silent Places. A dark journey across the solitude, sadness and eternal silence”. Those songs allow him to get his first contract with the Spanish label Caustic Records. After signing with Caustic, the band gave shape to its first full-length album entitled “beyond mental illness", a conceptual vision about the famous lunatic hospital Danvers state hospital. A mental prison, beyond the human reason, where the death was the most obscure patient and the light only a dream...
The release of the new album was accompanied of its first video clip of this project, about the song "schizophrenia", filmed and edited by the same artist, from the point of view of two mental patients, with this psychiatric disorder.



After party with DJs : Nebel (CH) / Krieger (F) / Mannaz (CH)
Industrial / Power-Electronics 
Dark-Folk / Neo-classical

 Dark-Electro / EBM / Dark-Wave

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Photographic exhibition by :
G.G (Convulsions Sonores
- Annecy )
Nordkunst - Bern


How to come and where to sleep


Les Citrons Masqués
Club - bar - restaurant - art gallery
rue des pêcheurs 4
CH-1400 Yverdon-les-Bains


strictly limited number of places
Reservation at sonorites_obscures{at]

Yverdon (Suisse)

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