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Dark atmospheric - Pologne

Mars 2021

par Adnauseam

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Nirnaeth fait partie de ces projets novateurs et inspirés apparus dans les années 90  puis qui ont rapidement disparu. Associé à la vague dark atmospheric des années 90, Nirnaeth  est né en Pologne en 1994 et son unique membre, comme pour beaucoup de ces formations était impliqué dans les scènes dark metal. Nirnaeth est de retour avec une actualité chargée : d'abord la réédition remasterisée en décembre 2020 de l'album "Nirnaeth Ardnoediad" initialement sorti en 1999, suivi début mars d'un nouvel EP et d'un album à venir dans les mois à venir. Un entretien s'imposait avec Piotr pour parler de la réactivation de Nirnaeth, de l'actualité du projet tout en évoquant le passé.



The end and the beginning

1) Twenty years have passed and Nirnaeth is back. We could think Nirnaeth was dead forever. How Nirnaeth came back to life after all these silent years about this project ?

Actually, I started to thought about wake up Nirnaeth since 2012/2013 or so. Being honest, all the time while Nirnaeth and my other projects were inactive I missed to play and create music. Last few years I was definitely determined to bring all my musical projects back to life, even started to buy some new synths, but it took a long time (including some additional complications like moving to another country). Finally in 2020 I made my own studio and renewed Nirnaeth. Smŕtan and few additional projects will follow in 2021.

2) Nirnaeth disappeared just after the release of the second album "Nirnaeth Arnoediad". Then it seems you had stops all your musical activities at the same time (other bands and solo projects, label activities). What happened ?

"Nirnaeth Arnoediad" was released in early 1999 (february). Then I released Themgoroth mcd ("Highway into the Uknknown"), also Dagdy Music released Sanatorium, Ethelyn and Empiria stuff (Empiria with my keyboards as a guest). But in fact, 2000 meant over for most of my musical activities and also Dagdy Music which merged with Nawia Productions. Later I only played few rehearsals (attempt to reactivate Mastiphal, which finally didn’t happened) and some gigs with local rock band. Then… just a life. Finished my university (this is another reason – you can’t run a label and being active musician when you need constantly travel and live in different countries for some time; for instance SaS or CEEPUS took only a month, but official scholarships granted by Polish MoE were always for a 6 months…). And after finishing my University I was immediately hired as an interpreter/translator…

3) In those times, you played also keyboards in some dark metal bands and I have noticed you appeared also on saxophone (in Eblis). During all these years, were you active in other musical spheres ?

As for Eblis it was rather an aerophone (of course different, than the one I use nowadays). But in general, no, I was completely inactive between 2003 – 2020. Just playing at home and listening old stuff…

4) The first album was presented as the a part of a trilogy A third album called Auta I Lome was announced in the booklets of your first two albums. Has this third album been composed ? A new album must come : is it this album ?!?

Yes, whole Trilogy consists of „Haudh‘en‘Nirnaeth” + „Nirnaeth Arnoediad” + „Auta I Lome”. Third album is already mixed and mastered. I hope it will be released as soon as possible. In the meantime I also plan to release a special edition of „Haudh‘en‘Nirnaeth”. But this is definitely for 2022…

Nirnaeth - Pass away

Pass Away 2021

The first of March was released the first new songs in 21 years. Your music is still close to old days and it's great !  Some questions about this new release.

5) In the first Nirnaeth era, there was no Internet. All was really different and during all these years there was no official stuff about Nirnaeth on internet. You have put for free this new ep on bandcamp and also directly on Youtube. Can you talk about this choice ?

Actually the Internet was working, but the connection and number of active users were very poor. I remember Dagdy Music have had kinda primitive website, We also used some free e-mail from first Polish mail provider. But no one was downloading digital media, while most of modems was between 28,8 and 55,6 kbps. Now, you’re right, everything is different. We live in the age of overproduction of everything… Why bandcamp and youtube? Both places looks good to start again. Maybe not from a scratch, but from depths of oblivion. I also found some ambitious young people very interested to make videos for Nirnaeth so youtube is ideal (from the end of March there will be one video every 2-3 weeks – whole „Nirnaeth Arnoediad” material as a conceptual story).

6) Is this EP will be released on physical format or is it something like an advance release from the next album ?

No, since the very beginning it was planned as a web-ep and digital format only. It is, like you said, advance from the next album and a way to remind Nirnaeth is back and is active again. But not only first track (opening one from the „Auta I Lome”) will be used – also new version of „Impresja” and „Pass Away” cover will find some place in physical recordings. Maybe as a bonus tracks, maybe in some different way. For sure not in the 3rd CD, but surely later.

7) The title of this EP is in English and also you sing in English on one song. Will English take a bigger part in the songs to come ?

I don’t think so. The title is in English as the „Pass Away” (originally „Rite of Pass Away”) is also in English. It’s a cover (if We can talk about making cover of your own band) of Eblis song from „…and Our Time Announces Black” released in 1999. Whole web-ep is dedicated to the remembrance of Nazgul. But on the „Auta I Lome” there will be 6 songs in Polish (plus 2 instrumentals). I think Nirnaeth should keep Polish (at least Slavic) lyrics. It was always sung/screamed in Polish and I believe it should stay like this. But… never say never. It’s quite possible some future Nirnaeth’s song will be in Czech or Slovak…

8) It seems you live now in Czech Republic. Is this new place impact your music ?

No, not at all. In fact after about 20 years I moved back to my hometown. Just switched the river bank to the Czech one. So, technically, I’m so close to the Polish border, to see the tower of old Polish castle complex from my window. Of course I live in different country, so many things changed when I moved, but not so hard if you, for example, emigrate from Poland to Scotland or even southern part of Czech Republic. But probably there is one important and big impact. At the beginning you asked me, what happened I suddenly stopped playing and creating music (also poems). This was the time when I moved away from Cieszyn (Těšín in Czech). Soon as I moved back – I feel I can play/write again. Looks like couldn’t do that living in every other place… Like every other place made me unable to create anything.

9) A part of your old fans has probably moved into other spheres and some people probably didn't know your music before. What are the first feedbacks about your comeback ?

Being honest, I’m very surprised how many „old fans” reacts on Nirnaeth new activities and how fast they found information about Nirnaeth’s reactivation. Of course some of them moved into other spheres, but plenty of them still remembers. So the feedback is very positive. As for the people who didn’t knew my music before, I’m surprised anyone younger than 30 is listening this kind of music. Also got feedback from many people who discovered Nirnaeth many years after my last record and now they are surprised Nirnaeth is back and active again.

10) Today you are again into the Nirnaeth world. What are the differences between Nirnaeth in 2020 and the Nirnaeth from the nineties (mood, lyrics, state of mind, etc.)?

Hm… Hard to say. Despite the fact I’m over 20 years older I think I feel the same mood, state of mind etc. Also lyrics I used for the 3rd CD are from the same period (late nineties) plus there will be again Miciński and in addition also Staff. The biggest difference is definitely hardware, equipment and instruments. It’s incomparable. I still use my old synthesizers from 80’s and 90’s but the power of new samplers, especially software one is unbelievable. Almost whole „Auta I Lome” I did with new instruments and I’m really impressed what they can do!

Nirnaeth - Nirnaeth Arnoediad 2020

Nirnaeth Arnoediad

11) Your come back has begun by the remastering of your second album and its re-release on CD format in december 2020 and not by the release of the new tracks. Why this choice ?

Yes, „Nirnaeth Arnoediad” was slightly remastered and adapted for the CD release. In fact this was not my choice. Abstract Emotions reactivated and they were very interested to release the album they paid in late 90’s (they paid all the studio session). That is also an answer why I made this web-ep as soon as possible – to show anything new. On the other hand without this COVID situation this 2nd CD would be release probably 2-3 months earlier and the gap between 2nd and 3rd CD would be bigger.

12) It seems it's the first time Nirnaeth Arnoediad is published on CD.  In 1999, the standard format was the CD and then it was the best way to promote music (I had discovered Nirnaeth by the song "Lucifer" published on the Metallian Magazine sampler). The second album was less exposed.  Was it a choice to release only a tape version ?

Exactly, after all these years it is for the first time on CD format. And here I need to say the same as in previous question. It wasn’t my choice. The deal was: Dagdy Music releases MC and Abstract Emotions releases CD. But AE went into some problems because some other bands so finally they stopped their activities with „Nirnaeth Arnoediad” CD unreleased. When they reactivated after some time, they contacted me and We discussed to release it now. Better later than never.

Abstract Emotions

13) Abstract Emotions was your label for your first album in 1997. They have stopped their activities for fifteen years and they are back since some years but they release only metal stuffs. How this new collaboration is born. Will they release your music in the future ?

Well this is pure coincidence AE reactivated after all these years almost at the same time as I recreated Nirnaeth. I remember our collaboration in late nineties was very good so I was glad AE will finally release „Nirnaeth Arnoediad” on CD. And of course We’ll release „Auta I Lome” together. My own Dagdy Music will be co-editor, but let’s be honest: AE is bigger and much more known label than Dagdy (which will be probably rebuilt only as a project helping me to promote my music) so AE will play the most important role in this.

14) Will there be other re-releases of your back catalogue : the first album "Haudh en Nirnaeth" but also the demo tape "Opus Nirnaeth" ?

I’m 100% sure the special edition of „Haudh ‘ en’ Nirnaeth” will out in 2022. As for the demo „Opus Nirnaeth” now it’s available through Bandcamp as a remastered digital release. I have some inlays (looks like printing house made about 600 instead of 500) so if there really will be interests of this stuff maybe I could do extra pressing of 100 tapes. Time will show.

Dagdy Music

15) "Nirnaeth Arnoediad" has been released initially by Dagdy Music, a label runned by yourself. Can you talk about this label and this experience ? What is the meaning of the name "dagdy" ?

I established Dagdy to release „Opus Nirnaeth”. Honestly I don’t remember what led me to do this and why 17 y.o. guy decided to start its own underground label instead of looking for an editor for the demo-tape. Anyway I remember this was a good decision. I learnt many things about the underground, established many valuable contacts and later released some interesting music. Not only my music as it was planned in the very beginning, but also other bands and project. Who knows, what would happen with Dagdy if I wasn’t travelling so much as a student and didn’t interrupted its activities… As for the name, it is connected with the God Dagda.

16) Currently, you have some old stock copies of Nirnaeth Arnodeidad tapes. Will you sell also nextly some copies from label's old stock ?

I have some limited stock of old Dagdy Music releases (also some very small stock of my old distro coming from other labels). I don’t have so much time (I still need to work and run my own translation company as the music isn’t my source of income now, rather a mission) so it takes time to start everything fast and make it working, but step by step and month by month I reactivate another parts of my past.

Nirnaeth 2

Music and supports

17) We could think internet would kill CD and all physical supports. Finally it's not arrived and old supports have became very popular today : vynil, but also tapes are back in underground circles. I guess you like the tape format because it was the most part of the releases on your label and Nirnaeth Arnodediad will come again in a new version in Tape. Honestly i'm not kind of tape format because it's difficult to localise a song or to repeat it and also the aesthetic is often cheaper than others formats. But I have bought recently, the original tape of Nirnaeth Arnoediad (directly from you)  and I was pleased because the aesthetic is sophisticated with a beautiful two sided booklet with all the lyrics. So what do you think about this format and the various formats for music today ?

True maniacs still want physical medium in their hands. As for the tape format, it ruled Poland in nineties because after communism fall there were many pirate record labels who invested many funds into brand new and effective production lines, probably those days, the best in the world. But soon new independent country cleaned up the situation with the copyright act, so all those manufacturers were forced to produce high quality licenced cassettes or cooperate with local band/labels. This way I was able produce fully pro, extreme quality tapes with very fair, attractive prices. As long as the production costs of single MC was 4, 3, and later 2 times lower than production of CD – Polish cassettes ruled Eastern Europe. I think last big MC producer finished about 2010 or so. This is behind the tape popularity. On the other hand as soon as our small independent labels were able to order CD (remember, those time minimum amount without paying extra for the master matrix was to produce 3000 pieces!) they released in both formats: MC + CD. I released this way Sanatorium, Themgoroth and Empiria. Nowadays the best physical format is definitely CD (just my opinion), especially digipacks. Cassettes are popular in Dark Dungeon scene because it is cheaper and more easy make 50 pro MC’s instead of 50 CD’s (which is in fact impossible – minimum amount starts from 300 or 500 pieces now). Vinyls… I know many people collecting vinyls, but personally I prefer CD.

Dungeon Synth

18) Your label presents "Nirnaeth Arnoediad" as "Dark Symphonic Dungeon" so we are not far from "dungeon synth". What do you think about this new style descending from Mortiis first era. Some bands like Nirnaeth are defined by some people as "old school dungeon synth". What do you think about this musical sphere ?

Hm… Being honest I don’t like calling Nirnaeth as a „Dark Dungeon – anything”. I know why Jordi used this term – it is hard to be the only or one of 3-5-10 proponents of any style / kind of music. I rather use the term: Dark Neoclassical (Symphonic) Screamformance which define this music better. Or maybe Cinematic Music with Black Metal Vocal. But yes, it’s hard to fit Nirnaeth into the some particular box, so in general it is a part of broadly defined „Dark Dungeon” understood as the set containing sounds from Mortiis-like music, mentioning also Autumn Tears and Arcana and ending with Ildfrost or Wejdas. But personally I would be happy if people use for some projects like Nirnaeth term: Neoclassical.


19) In the old days, you were part of the "dark atmospheric" wave with a lot of musicians coming from the black metal sphere and then dealing with non metal projects focused on dark atmospheres with bands like Dark Sanctuary, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, Dargaard, Autumn Tears. Do you feel close to these bands ? You were also linked to the polish dark underground scenes. What are your memories (good and bad) about these years ?

Sure, very close. There was plenty of bands or projects like these, most of them produced unique and high-quality music. I remember those times as a very „climatic” period in my life. I remember many underground trades, I still own many unique CD’s thanks to this. After all that time all my memories seems to be good only. Castle Party and meeting Ataraxia/G.O.R and Romowe Rikoito on the same stage, concerts in small clubs and pubs… Long talks and discussion by post, when you have to write it manually on paper, sign, send and wait few weeks for an answer… Not by the mail or chat like today.

20) Are you still close to musicians or bands from the nineties ?

With some of them. I’m in contact with most musicians from my former bands and projects (those who live), also with some other, connected to Dagdy Music or which I  collaborated between those years. Some connections were renewed last few years. It really looks like after some (maybe ten, maybe fifteen) years many project come back, many people wake up etc…

21) One track were published on the "The Sounds Of Castle Party" sampler in 2000. What have been the reception by the traditional darkwave audience ?

It was rather gothic than darkwave audience, but pretty good. I remember both festivals I played in Bolków as a fantastic experience. So called „small scene” gathered big audience and the reception was very good. All bands which played on the darkwave scene were chosen with the key, that made all the gig consistent, and on the stage some differences between the projects wasn’t so big as on CD listened in crystal clear home conditions.

- Nirnaeth 1997 -Nirnaeth 90
Other projects

22) In the nineties, you had also other solo ambient projects with SMRTAN (a split with the keybordist Sammach) and SVANTEVITH (in a more pagan spirit) close to Nirnaeth music but with other thematics. Can you present these two projects ?

Smŕtan is already back. You can find remastered demo-tape on Bandcamp to download for free, also first Smŕtan’s CD will out this spring/summer. I re-recorded stuff from 1996/1997 and added brand new intro to this. And hm… well, this will be the music some people could really call Dark Dungeon Synth (even if I prefer Pagan Ambient or Dark Pagan Ambient). It will vary from the demo tape, the climate will be more similar to the „Mystery of the Trees” than any other song from the demo. As for the Svantevith this project is a definitely closed chapter. But I’m more than sure I’ll come with something brand new or something… restored (I have had some project which have professionally recorded full longs which was never released).

23) Have you already play "live" with your ambient  projects or with bands as keyborder  ?

I played plenty of gigs, but most of them with Themgoroth as a keyboardist of a metal band. Few times I also played as a guest of Empiria (mainly in Czech Republic). Under the name Nirnaeth I played only in Castle Party – 1999 and 2000 (I mounted full line-up for both concerts – second keyboardist, violin player, female vocalist and additional vocalist for BM screams).


24) The name "Nirnaeth" comes from the Tolkien world. Nirnaeth project is born before the Tolkien fashion coming with the Peter Jackson's movies. Today there are several bands with the same moniker (a black metal band from France born in 2006 and a young ambient / dungeon synth from Germany born in 2019). Can you explain what is Nirnaeth and why you have chosen this name for your project ?

Nirnaeth comes from Nirnaeth Arnoediad which was one of the most catastrophic battles in all Quenta Silmarillion. Nirnaeth Arnoediad means Battle of Unnumbered Tears but the Nirnaeth itself literally means tears unnumbered (or unnumbered tears). I found it as a best description of my music when I started compose music for the first demo. And at those time, as you say, Tolkien wasn’t so popular and there was no other project or band called Nirnaeth. It is strange when someone starts new project and use other’s name… (especially when he can without any problem check and realize he will be not second but even third one).

25) You used the "Smrtan" pseudo ; it's a strange pseudonism. Is there a reference to the czech word "smrt" for "death" ?

Not even Czech but rather old Slavic. Literally it means „dead”.


26) On the first album, lyrics are taken from Tadeusz Micinski.  He's quite unknown in France where there is no french translation from his books. Is it a famous poet in Poland ?  Can you introduce us ? Why have you chosen his poems for your project ?

It depends on what „famous” means for you. Miciński isn’t the most popular Polish poet of ninetieth century but well known and so important, that he is (at least he was some time ago) included as a part of required reading for everyone preparing for high school final exam. Alongside Stanisław Przybyszewski he’s called „father of Polish modern satanism”, however some of his poems are also Christian-like. Anyway his poetry is full of occultism, old myths, also Slavic pagan symbols etc. It is also a reason why I wanted to make music to his poetry. Maybe some day someone will make professional and high quality translations of his poems into French – he definitely deserves it! And as We can read quite good translations of most of Verlaine, Rimbaud or Baudelaire poems, French people deserve to have a chance read Miciński or Przybyszewski.

27) In "Nirnaeth Arnoediad", I guess you used your own words. All is in polish langage, i can't understand the words but these voices in polish sound very beautiful. Can you talk about the lyrics in Nirnaeth ?

Yes, all poems on „Nirnaeth Arnoediad” are mine. Jesień in Polish means Autumn – so the opening and ending parts are about Autumn. About its climate, colours, dying, passing away… The second „Jesień” (last part on CD) is allegoric poem about the group of people who marched to the deep forest and higher to the mountains and disappears or melt with different nature’s elements (turning into a tree and shedding their leaves, turning into morning dew and passing away shining early morning, turning into stone, then last one is climbing higher and fall asleep – the day before the first snow). Niemoc (Powerlesness) and Pustka Nocnej Czerni (Emptiness of Night’s Blackness) are basically about hopelessness  and despair. Also Już Zmierzch (It is Dusk) is about abandoning all hope. Feniks (Phoenix) is (as you probably guess) about rebirth from the ashes.

28) Kieslowski is a polish cineast famous outside Poland, like in France (with french/swiss people in some movies). I like how he showed poetry and melancholy in everyday life. Also I like very much the music composed by Preisner for Kieslowski's movies. What do you think about his work ? Have you some polish ou czech artists to recommend to Nirnaeth listeners ?

Kieślowski and Preissner are also very popular in Czechia. If you are interested in ambitious (despite the low budget) cinema I definitely recommend post-apo films by Piotr Szulkin. If you are looking for classical music not sounding like Mozart or Schumann – definitely Szymanowski, Karłowicz, Penderecki… Also Czech Leoš Janaček.


29) Are you still interested in dark metal music or is it a part of you buried forever ?

Of course. I have listened those kind of music all the time and still listen to it. Why should be this part „buried”? I just add new horizons so every year it expands to new bands and sometimes also new styles.

30) What inspires you today ? And in the music field, what are you listen to ?

Mainly old with something new from time to time. Actually I listen many old music, mainly from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – kraut rock, space rock or progressive rock from 70’s (do you know French bands Ange or Pulsar? I love them!) Black or Death from 80’s and 90’s (the list would be really long…), Funeral Doom from late 90’s and 00’s (Thergothon, Skepticism, Colosseum, Evoken, Comatose Vigil, Christmass, Ahab, and many others). Also large amount of ambient, dark folk or even electronic projects from different areas… But still trying to look, and sometimes I’ll find something new, worth to listen. Yesterday I discovered Fordomth. Impressive. I felt like in 90’s, like I once again found something interesting comparable to „The Trip was Infra-Green”…

31) What do you thing about Nergal (from Behemoth) wich has currently legal problems with Poland about blasphemy ?

It’s rather funny and Nergal, by many activities, winds this up. But on the other hand all those court hearings and sitting are making additional publicity for him, so he probably good knows what he is doing.

32) Something to add ? Thanks for your time !

Thank you for your time and interesting questions! Be prepared for the new, upcoming 3rd Nirnaeth’s CD/LP which will be the final part of Trilogy (before I’ll start something brand new) and will be definitely most symphonic and cinematic part of all! Support underground and ambitious music creators. Stay yourselves!

Official video 2021 : 


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