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Abruptum - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectère Me CDABRUPTUM "Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectère Me" 25 €

(Ritual dark ambient from Sweden, with Ophtalamia and Marduk members
First pressage released on DSP in 1993)


Aion NoiaAION "Noia" 6 €

(Gothic metal from Poland, 1998)



Aion - ReconciliationAION "Reconciliation" 6 €

(Gothic metal from Poland, 2000)


Anathema make it rightANATHEMA "Make It Right" EP 8 €

This was released as an advance single cds for the Judgement album,
with "Make It Right" and "Deep"



Andromeda Complex - Last traces of forsaken worshipsANDROMEDA COMPLEX  "Last Traces of Forsaken Worships" 8 €

(Dark wave / ambient from Italy with fetish thematic/aesthetic, on Energeia, released in 1998.
Produced by Angelo Bergamini from Kirlian Camera)

apollyon-sun-sub.jpgAPOLLYON SUN "Sub" 9 €

(Cyber metal project by Tom G.Warrior from Celtic Frost, year 2000)


Arcanta.jpg ARCANTA "The eternal return"  8 €

(Dark atmospheric / ethnic on Projekt records, 1997)



Archon satani mind of flesh and bonesARCHON SATANI "Mind of Flesh & Bones" 9 €

(Dark ambient ritual from Sweden.
Released in 1993, remastered edition 2006 by Cold Spring)




Artrosis - in the flowers shadeARTROSIS " In the Flowers Shade " CD 7 €

(Gothic metal from Poland, 2000, near mint condition)



Artrosis - In Nomine NoctisARTROSIS " In Nomine Noctis " CD 7 €

(Gothic metal from Poland, 2001, near mint condition)



Atomtrakt - VerwustungATOMTRAKT  "Verwüstung" CD 7 €

Dark Ambient / Martial Industrial by Vinterriket leader
Released in 2004 and limited to 500 copies


Behemoth - Historica BOXBEHEMOTH "Historica" Box 5CD 2002 54 € (perfect condition)

Limited box 3000 copies
Contains And The Forests Dream EternallySventevith + Grom +
Pandemonic IncantationsLive In Kraków (2000)
Special booklet with rare old photos and biography

Black Rose -  nto the Glass HouseBLACK ROSE "Into the Glass House" CD 8 €

(Atmospheric heavenly from Hyperium records, 1995)


Bleeding like mine - In the eyes of the lostBLEEDING LIKE MINE "In the eyes of the lost" CD 6 €

(Darkwave / heavenly voices from USA,
released by Palace of Worms in 1997)

Canaan T-shirt  CANAAN "Logo" T-shirt 12€

   (One face, size XL, released late 90's, very good condition)



CarcassCARCASS "Necroticism  / Wake Up And Smell The Carcass part 2" CD 7 €

(This is a russian version released by Agat Company,
gathering "Necroticism" and rare tracks from the "Wake up..." compilation)


Chalice-ChroniclesOfDysphoria.jpgCHALICE "Chronicles of Dysphoria"  CD 6 €

(Doom gothic metal, Australie, 2000, like new)


Cernunnos woodsCERNUNNOS WOODS "Awaken The Empire Of Dark Wood" 15 €

Digipack in perfect condition

(Dark ambient medieval released in 1996 on Cold Meat Industry,
Dungeon synth spirit by a ABSU member)


Cradle Grave Saper Vedere.jpgCRADLE GRAVE "Saper vedere"  CD 6 €

(Dark ambient electro, Australie, Heartland 1998)



Cradle of filth midianCRADLE OF FILTH "Midian" CD 5€

(Symphonic black metal stars,
Fourth album released in 2000)



Cradle of Filth - Heavy Left-Handed & CandidCRADLE OF FILTH "Heavy Left-Handed & Candid" VHS 5€

Contains "Live Concert - Eleven Burial Masses 14th April MMI"
+ video clips


crimson garden CD .jpgCRIMSON GARDEN "The Dark Mother"  CD 4 €

(Dark metal atmospheric and occult, France, CD 2000)



Deine Lakaien - Forest Enter ExitDEINE LAKAIEN "Forest Enter Exit" CD 6 €

Dark wave from Germany



Destruction best ofDESTRUCTION "Best of " 2 CD 10 €

Cult thrash metal, Germany
Compilation released in 1990,
covering the first era from 1984 to 1990



Diary of Dreams - Freak PerfumeDIARY OF DREAMS "Freak Perfume" limited digipack 7 €

Darkwave/ electro from Germany, CD 2002




Diary of dreams posterDIARY OF DREAMS "End of flowers" POSTER 5€

(Cult darkwave from Germany)

High poster, cold paper, sold on tour 2004



 Diary-of-Dreams-front.jpgDiaryofDreams-back.jpgDIARY OF DREAMS T-shirt 12 €

  Never worn shirt, like new, size XL,
  Hard to find, sold on the 2004 tour

Dolls of pain decadanceDOLLS OF PAIN "Dec[a]dance" CD 8 €

(Dark electro gothic, France, 2006)
vente cause doublon




Dolls of pain slavehunterDOLLS OF PAIN "Slavehunter" CD 8 €

(Dark electro gothic, France,  2007
vente cause doublon




 Draugar - Weathering the curseDRAUGAR "Withering the curse" CD 8 €

(Black metal from USA, 2004)



eden.jpgEDEN "Healingbow" Mini-CD 5 €

(Gothic atmospheric, avec Pieter Bourke (cf Lisa Gerrard))



EisheiligEISHEILIG "Eisheilig" 5 € (Mint)

(Gothic metal from Germany, released in 2001 on Napalm records)




Em-Sinfonia---Intimate-Portrait.jpgEM SINFONIA "Intimate portrait"

(Gothic metal, Usa, CD 2001 - without back sheet) 2 €



enforsaken.jpgENFORSAKEN "The forever endeavor" 5 €

(Melodic yet agressive death metal, Century Media 2004, near mint condition)


                                        ENSLAVED "Eld" 8 € 

                                       (Viking black metal culte, 3eme album de 1997
                                       Réédition officielle de 2019 encore sous cellophane


essences.jpgESSENCES "Nebulae" 8 €

(Atmospheric heavenly from Italy, Energeia 1997)



Evoken - QuietusEVOKEN "Quietus" 8 €

(Doom death atmospheric from USA, Avantgarde Music 2001)



Exodus - Bonded By Blood Bernett LPEXODUS "Bonded By Blood"VYNIL LP 17 €

(Cult Thrash metal, first album 1985)

Bernett Edition ; see this version on Discogs


faith and disease CD.jpgFAITH & DISEASE "Passage to Kumming"  8 €

(Atmospheric gothic heavenly in the Cocteau Twins way,
Projekt records 2003)

Faithful Dawn - TemperanceFAITHFUL DAWN "Temperance" 8 €

(Gothic dancefloor released in 1997 from Nightbreed, hard to find)


Fear of Eternity - Spirit of Sorrow CDFEAR OF ETERNITY "Spirit of Sorrow" 8 €

(Atmospheric melancholic black metal from Italy,
released in 2006 by Moribund Rec)


Glaufx Garland - Fantasy's Golden FeatherGLAUFX GARLAND "Fantasy's Golden Feather" 8 €

Vynil LP 1998

(Experimental dark ambient from Greece, released by CAPP)

Grave - Hating LifeGRAVE "Hating Life" 9 €

Cult death metal from Sweden
Fourth album released in 1996


Graveland tsGRAVELAND "Immortal Pride"  13 €

T-shirt  front only - size XL, with old logo
Very good condition

(Pagan black metal - Pologne


hellstormcover.jpgHELLSTORM "Fucking bleed" 5 €

(Black/thrash n'roll with Sodom influences, Head Not Found 1999)



powerdisplay.jpgHH9 "Power display" 8 €

(Power noise, side project FOLKSTORM / MZ 412)


Holy Terror LPHOLY TERROR "Terror and Submission" Vynil LP 15 €

(True Thrash Metal from USA, released in 1987)

Version : Discogs

Horna aania yossaHORNA "Ääniä Yössä" 10 €

This album is in a depressive black metal style, close to the Mortualia side-project
Debemur Morti 2006, Limited edition with Slipcase


Hypnotic scenery - deeper and deeperHYPNOTIC SCENERY "Deeper and Deeper" TAPE 6 €

(Doom/death/gothic from Czechia,
official tape from 1997)


Immortal DvdIMMORTAL "Live Dynamo 30/05/1998" DVD 6 €

DVD bootleg with the complete concert and two diaporama photos galleries from the old days.
Coming from the tape trading era in a classic DVD box with amateur cover.



King Diamond - Abigail 2KING DIAMOND "Abigail II"  7 €

(Occult dark heavy metal, album 2002)



Krohm - Crown of the AncientsKROMH "Crown Of The Ancients" CD 8 €

(Depressive black metal from USA, 2002
A demo originally released in 2000, first CD version  on Selbstmord Services)

Laibach - Tempus Edax RectumLAIBACH "Tempus Edas Rectum" T-Shirt XL 15€

(From the WAT tour


Lithium - Threshold to disharmony LITHIUM  "Threshold To Disharmony" 8 €

(Dark ambient released by Cold Meat Industry, 2003)


LyrinxLYRINX "Nihilistic Purity " Vynil LP 13 €

(Depressive black metal from England, 2007
Vynil version released by Insidious Poisoning Records)



Marduk dvdMARDUK "Live 17/10/1996" DVD 6 €
DVD bootleg with the entire concert and two diaporama photos galleries from the old days.
Coming from the tape trading era in a classic DVD box with amateur cover



Matt Howden - Intimate ObstinateMATT HOWDEN "Intimate & Obstinate" 8 €

First album released in 1999
Violonist for Sol Invictus on some releases / tours



Mercyful fate patchMERCYFUL FATE "Nuns have No Fun" Patch 8 €
Cover from the 1982 EP
(Occult dark heavy metal)



Mielnoir - Der honigf lugel      MIEL NOIR  "Der Honigflügel"  5 €

       (Dark folk/ambient, Germany, 2008)
       A5 limited CD 500 copies


Moloch - Spectral ShadesMOLOCH "Spectral Shades Of The Spiritual Negativism" 8 €

(Black metal and ambient project from Ukraine
Compilation with rare and unreleased tracks from 2004 to 2012)



Moonspell memorialMOONSPELL "Memorial" 7 €

(Cult gothic metal, CD 2006)


myinsanity-solar_child.jpgMY INSANITY “Solar child”  5 €

(Dark metal atmospheric from Switzerland
produced by Waldemar Sorychta, like new)


myriads.jpgMYRIADS "In Spheres Without Time" 8 €

(Gothic doom metal close to Tristania / Sirenia / Trail of Tears
Napalm Records, 1999)



1246624929_mysterian-a-rose-for-the-dying-200.jpgMYSTERIAN "A rose for the dying"  5 €

(Dark atmospheric from USA
 Ex-Profanatica / Profane Grace member)


mystery-school.jpgThe MYSTERY SCHOOL "The mystery school" 8 €

(Dark folk from Cynfeirdd, limited CD ... wOfOne.mp3

Napalm death - Live CorruptionNAPALM DEATH "Live Corruption" VHS 10 €

Rare VHS released in 1997
contains the complete concert at Salisbury Arts Centre, England - June 30, 1990


The Narrator Mr Cricket - in My WorldTHE NARRATOR MR CRICKET "In My World" 8€

Vynil LP 1998
(Experimental dark ambient from Greece, released by CAPP)



Neither Neither World - Maddening MontageryNEITHER NEITHER WORLD "Maddening Montagery and Other Fantastic Stories" 7 €

Cult dark folk from USA with female leader
Re-release from the 1995 album by Dark Vynil with one bonus track


nocturne---hymn-for-heresy.jpgNOCTURNE “Hymns for Heresy I & II"  6 €

Dark ambient industrial with war samples



O quam tristis le rituel sacreO QUAM TRISTIS "Le ritual sacré" 7 €

Darkwave released in 2002 by Palace of Worms


Orplid - Sterbender SatyrORPLID "Sterbender Satyr" 6 €

Dark folk from Germany, CD 2006



Orplid greifenherzORPLID "Greifenherz" 6 €

Dark folk from Germany, CD 2008



 PILORI---And-when-the-twilights-gone.jpgPILORI "And when the twilight’s gone" 6 €

Dark wave / Dark folk / Heavenly voices from Germany, Trisol 2002)



The provenance - Still at Arms Length DigipackThe PROVENANCE "Still At Arms Length" 6 €

Digipack in mint condition

Experimental / progressive gothic metal from Sweden, 2002)


psycho-luna-gottin.jpgPSYCHO LUNA "Göttin" 2,5 €

(Dark wave from Germany, 2008)


Regnant and thrallREGNANT AND THRALL "Sex Polizei" 4 €

Black metal from France with original thematics,
released in 2003 on Nihil Voices Prod




Sanctus - Aeon SkySANCTUS "Aeon Sky" 6 €

Black metal symphonic from USA, CD 2000



Sangre Cavallum - Patria graniticaSANGRE CAVALLUM "Patria granitica"  7 €

Dark folk from Portugal, CD 2006



SANGUIS-ET-CINIS-Alright-lets-rock1.jpgSANGUIS ET CINIS "Alright let’s rock"  5 €

(Gothic n’roll from Autria, Trisol 2002 digipack)

Sear bliss tsSEAR BLISS "Logo" TS  13 €

Cult black metal from Hungary
XL size


set-fire-to-flames.jpgSET FIRE TO FLAMES "Sings reign rebuilder" 4 €

Ambient/Post-rock avec membres de Silver Mount Zion



SILENT CRY - Remembrance.jpgSILENT CRY "Remembrance" 8 €

Gothic Doom/Death from Brazil, CD 1999


Silver Mont Zion - Kollaps TradixionalesSILVER MT. ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA "Kollaps Tradixionales" 8 €

Version limitée avec livret format A5 16 pages
(Cult post-rock band from Canada, 2010)

SiriusSIRIUS  "The Eclipse (The Summons Of The Warriors Of Armageddon)" TAPE 16 €

Orchestral black metal from Portugal
This is the official demo tape released by the band in 1998
Limited tape, copy number 679 ; See the version


speaking silence - insides CD.jpgSPEAKING SILENCE "Insides" 8 €

(Gothic atmospheric / Heavenly voices, France, 1999)



Stillhet - Gjemt I skyggeneSTILLHET "Gjemt I Skyggene" 7 €

Black metal from Norway,
Northern Silence Productions, CD 2005



StormfagelSTORMFAGEL "Den Nalkande stormen" 8 €

Dark folk industriel / atmospheric
Cold Meat Industry, 2005


Thanatos - An Embassy to Gaius.jpgTHANATOS “An embassy to Gaius” 8 €

(Dark folk pop with the Black Tape For a Blue Girl leader,
Projekt Records 1997)


tors of dartmoor - house of sounds CD.jpgTHE TORS OF DARTMOOR “House of sounds” 6 €

(Gothic rock, Hyperium 1993)



TCH.jpgTHIS CREPUSCULAR HOUR (TCH) "The abutilon ep" 5 €

 (26mn dark ambient electro tribal, Australia, Dorobo 1994)


Tripwire - IntellavoidTRIPWIRE "Intellavoid" 10 €

(Dark experimental electronic,
PUISSANCE side-project)


Trouble 1990TROUBLE "Trouble" 8 €

(Doom metal, USA, CD 1990
Similar to the original press from 1990
See the version on Discogs


Virgin prunes over the rainbow tapeVIRGIN PRUNES "Over The Rainbow (A Compilation Of Rarities 1981-1983)" 16 €

Post-punk/batcave/experimental cult 80's
Rare Tape version on Baby Records (see it on Discogs)

 Vitriol - NeurotVITRIOL “I – VII” 3 €

(Released by Neurot records, used digipack)




Wave gotik treffen vhs         WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN PFINGSTEN 1999 VHS   8 €

          (75 min on video VHS about the 8th edition of this notorious festival)

          lien Discogs





Dvd dans la brumeDans la brume DVD 4 €

=> présentation
Film 2018
Langues : français



Dvd l echangeL'échange DVD 2 €

=> présentation
Film 2008
Langues : français / anglais
Sous-titres : Français / anglais


Dvd mesrineMesrine : l'instinct de mort DVD 3 €

=> présentation
boitier métallique
film 2008
Langues : français



Dvd Saw 1Saw 1 DVD 2 €

=> présentation
Film 2005
Langues : français, anglais
Sous-titres : français / anglais




=> Affiches et posters











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