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Doom culte: Forest of Equilibrium

A l'occasion du concert qui marquera les 20 ans du groupe (le 03 decembre à Londres), Cathedral proposera exceptionnellement deux sets: le set de la tournée pour le nouvel album, et une seconde partie où sera joué, avec le line-up d'origine, le premier album culte "Forest of Equilibrium" sorti en 1991, une des références pour le Funeral doom, avant que le groupe n'évolue vers quelque chose de toujours plus psychédélique et seventies...

Cathedral - 03.12.10

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Communiqué de Lee Dorian à propos de cet événement ci-dessous:

"Cathedral has come along way since those dirge-ridden smoke-filled, cheap lager and sweat infested early rehearsals back in 1990. To be brutally honest, back then we never imagined that we would have continued on a twenty year journey and still be here to tell the tale.

“A lot of bands that have been around this long tend to shy away from their roots, in favour of more ‘accessible’ material that they wrote in their maturing stages. Well, despite the fact that we may have expanded on our sound and style since those early days, we are certainly not embarrassed by our origins, in fact the opposite is true. To commemorate (Commiserate?) this twenty year marathon, we thought it would be a cool idea to regroup the line up of our first studio album for a special one-off show, and perform it in it’s entirety. Fortunately, everyone from those days agreed. This will mark the beginning of the evening, which will be followed by a set of material ‘post-Forest’ bringing us right up to date with our latest album, ‘The Guessing Game’. We are excited about this event and look forward to seeing you there

Doom metal Cathedral

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