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Henrik Nordvargr Björkk a mis fin janvier un terme à l'existence de TOROIDH, projet réputé en industriel martial. Il s'en explique :

"After almost 14 years of existence it is time to retire Toroidh. It has been a rough ride, but also a great one. Of all my musical projects this must be the most misunderstood one. This is actually one of the reasons I am terminating it. I refuse to let my music become a vehicle of politics. I thought that naming the debutalbum “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and calling the tracks “Never again I-IX” would be an indicator that the music was not glorifying any specific standpoint, but I was wrong. Let it be known once and for all that the music of Toroidh dealt mostly (but not exclusively) with the turmoil of Europe during the world wars, but it was intended as a soundtrack to the stupidity, wars and chaos – not a political standpoint."

Pour l'occasion, Nordvargr a remasterisé les 54 titres de TOROIDH, proposés sur son Bandcamp. Nordvargr continue ses expérimentations dans la musique post-industrielle : un nouvel album du projet vétéran MZ 412 est sorti en mars sous le titre de Hekatomb ainsi qu'un nouvel album sous l'étendard Nordvargr avec Pyrrhula.


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